Founded in 2014 by Jarrod Pickford, Podmatcher has grown into an online platform that’s powered by the podcast community. Our aim is to accommodate podcasters so they can freely interact and help each other grow their passions into professions.

In 2002, since the birth of the podcast industry, we have seen a world of passionate listeners become loyal and dedicated to their favourite podcasts. It’s a powerful medium which has the ability to bring free speech and passion without boundaries, and, here at, we want to encourage this peaceful anarchy.

After throwing in the towel a few times, fast forward to 2017 and now Podmatcher has grown into a great team of multi-skilled talented folk from Daylesford, Victoria. We like to call this Spa country – Silicon Springs.

Lorne Gerlach – Head Developer.
As well as being the musical genius and a band camp king (he plays in the local brass band – with the Podmatcher crew being his number one fans). Lorne comes from a solid web development background, starting back in the heady days of the first internet bubble.

Maia Irell – Project and People Manager.
A girl from Hollywood with more skills than you can poke a stick at. Maia is a writer, editor, organiser, people person. And she does all of these things while raising her two gorgeous girls with her husband, Zoran.

Adrian Marklew – Business Liaison.
A man with a plan, a networking king and SEO master. Not to mention an amazing Dad to Alex, who at 2 years old wants to learn to skateboard!. With his knowledge of the business and the advertising world, Adrian brings over twenty years of experience to Podmatcher.

Mitch Grace – UX Lead / Head Gardener
Mitch’s first love is trees and nature, he’s now a permanent glamper on wombat a hill in the middle of daylesford. However, in the past Mitch was a UX teacher for General Assembly and UX designer for the Japanese government before settling in Daylesford for a quiet life – until we found him! Mitch asks all the right questions, the most common is – “is that what’s best for our users?”. This is whats makes Mitch irreplaceable..

Missy Dempsey – Co-Founder / Creative Director
Missy was inspired by the audio medium from a young age and began her working life as a radio announcer in regional NSW. A couple of years in, her passion for design began to nag and she left Albury for the big-smoke of Wagga Wagga to study Graphic Design. After making name for herself in Sydney she moved to Daylesford with Jarrod. It is her background in these two fields which make her an exceptional communicator and our creative director for the Podmatcher team.

Jarrod Pickford – Founder
Jarrod is the ideas man, problem solver and train tracks of this entire venture. He keeps everyone moving forward and doesn’t hesitate to stay up all night to nut-out how to get things done. After a sint in radio at 19, he left the industry and travelled the world for many years, coincidentally where he discovered his love of podcasts. After returning home, Missy and Jarrod formed Podmatcher and begun a new business venture.

Podmatcher is in the business of taking new media to great heights. We believe this podcast generation will be more open, more transparent and without being abrupt and intrusive.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve the website you can contact us here.

Thanks for reading!

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