I help people plan, create, and launch podcasts.

Here are what my clients say:

“PodcastBuddy (Travis) makes my life super easy. They make my show sound great and have excellent tech support! My custom intro makes my show sound exactly how I want it to.”

-Tom Reber

“Travis rebranded our art and helped us break the top 100 charts on iTunes”

-Andrew Warner- Mixergy

“Travis sat me down and helped create 36 ideas for show episodes! Travis does much more than just put your mp3 on iTunes. He guides the direction of your show and keeps you sounding great! I can’t recommend him enough.”

-Neil Kristianson

“If you’re looking for the right person to guide you through the podcasting process, do yourself a favor let Travis be that guide. You won’t be disappointed!”

-Charles Specht, Permission Sales