My entire career has been focused on creating audio content. Distribution has been the variable. In 2005, I started my own weekly podcast and iTunes still lists it as the highest rated show in its category.

My name is Fred Greene and I’ve produced and published thousands of podcast episodes for Fortune 500’s, non-profits, and industry thought leaders. Topics have included business consulting, medical, affordable housing, sports, pets, parenting, and more.

Our series for a book publisher saved them $1,000s because it eliminated the need for national tours….and book sales increased! Another one of our clients has eliminated their annual budgets for newsletters since the podcast was generating greater response.

My audio production passion began as a teenager and has run the gamut from being a production director in major market radio, to national syndication, corporate audio, audio books, sports interactives, and now podcasts.

To your benefit, my overhead is low because I’m a one man shop operating a home based studio in Marin County. But I also have all the gear necessary to record at your location or remotely via Skype. Both audio and video!

With authority and sensitivity, I’ve directed superstars and beginners. And now I’d like to help you.