Passionate about your podcast?

I can handle any or all of the stages of the podcast production process for you:

  • use of professional recording equipment
  • recording in studio or on location (within Melbourne, Australia)
  • editing and mixing in Pro Tools
  • mastering, mindful of maintining consistent (but not excessive) loudness
  • optimising audio files for quality and file size
  • uploading to various podcast distribution services
  • editing highlights for sharing on social media

My background in broadcast audio, and in particular working in the popular formats of AM talk and FM breakfast shows means I’m very handy with spoken word audio.

And being a longtime podcast editor and fan I understand the subtle differences in approach.

I am capable of not only maintaining all-important audio quality and consistent loudness, but I’m also very helpful in suggesting edits that can help things move along (as well as removing mistakes or contentious content.)

“Andy is one of the best Producers I have ever worked with.”

Blake Gibson, Network 10 Promo Producer

If you need to outsource podcast editing and production, contact me – I’d love to hear your ideas!