Sydney celebrated its first annual podcasting awards at the Giant Dwarf Theatre tonight in Redfern. As the first national awards, podcasters have an opportunity for recognition and accolades in this relatively new industry. Over 200 guests bought tickets and traveled from all over Australia to attend the awards which are sponsored by the new Australian startup, Podmatcher, who also launched their beta website on the same night.

Planet Maynard was the winner for the best comedy podcast followed by award-winning journalist Ginni Saraswati for The Ginni Show and We Fact Up.

Maynard has been working in radio and television since 1981 but made the shift  to podcasting in the last few years.

One of the judges, Jarrod Pickford from Podmatcher said “Maynard has been a big name since the 80’s. It’s really nice to see a master broadcaster make the shift to podcasting. Many radio stations convert their programs into podcasts, but there is a distinct difference in the two. It’s imperative to understand the difference in order to successfully podcast. Clearly Maynard understands this.”

Although the the Australian podcasting scene is yet to make a mark on the world, the podcast awards unexpectedly had a massive response with over 200 podcasters entrants.