Startup Podmatcher is a sponsor of the 2017 Cast Away awards for best podcasts in Australia. The marketplace for podcasters launched their beta website last night in tandem with the awards. Held at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney, it is the first awards of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The event celebrates the best in podcasting and had over 200 guests attending from all over Australia.

Political podcast Punt has taken prime position at the Cast Away awards held in Sydney Saturday night. Zena Kells, the creator of Punt follows a couple of young aussie lads, Max Kaye and Nathan Spataro who are out to radically change Australian politics.

Punt follows the The Flux Party who want democracy to be accessible through technology. Using an app and blockchain technology, Max and Nathan wish for the public to vote more effectively and pass legislation quickly.

Judge Jarrod Pickford from Silicon Springs (Daylesford, Victoria) who launched his startup, Podmatcher, in tandem with the awards night praised Punt , “this was one of my favourite entries for the awards. The content was really interesting and the editing and delivery was sharp and concise, beautifully fusing quality production with wise storytelling”.